Ron Walker


Qualified Metallurgist studied in the UK; Knowledge base is Metallurgy as applied to all Metal Forming Techniques, Heat Treatment and Surface Coatings. Specializing in Foundries and Castings and has authored & presented technical papers for the industry covering Ductile Iron production, Automated Casting Finishing & Inspection Techniques. Worked in and managed many companies around the world including, UK, South Africa, China and South Korea.

Trained in Japan on Toyota Production System and has taught and implemented “Lean Manufacturing” worldwide.

Also, has trained personnel around the world on Advanced Product Quality Planning and the relevant documentation.

Has assisted many companies redesign castings and conversions from machined parts and fabrications to castings.

John Evans


John Evans has over 41 years of foundry knowledge and expertise.  Graduating in 1978 from Aston University John and worked globally as a foundry expert.  Launching facilities and setting up manufacturing facilities in South Africa, Italy, Korea and China.  John’s vast wealth of knowledge allows him to understand customer needs and assist in flawless launches of products.

Daniel Wang

Engineering China

Qualified Metallurgical Engineer.  Daniel graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1984 with a focus in Foundry Technology.  Daniel received his Master Degree in 1987 focused on Nb alloy wear resistant High CR Cast Iron.  Daniel has worked in many areas of Foundry Tech Research for more than 25 years.  Daniels core competency is Casting and solutions of processes, material and heat treatment.  Daniel also served on the Chinese Railway 5 year plan in the early 1990’s.